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About Oengus

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Who is Oengus?
Named after the first king of the Picts, Oengus MacOg (Pronounced "Ang-us") the “Scottish bard,” storyteller and musician has been entertaining audiences for years as the drummer and frontman of the Primal bagpipes and drum band known as "Pictus." His stories, wit and personality have been a much loved part of the entire Pictus experience. So auld Oengus has decided to share his love of storytelling, folk tales, jokes, banter and music as a solo performance, known as "Oengus MacOg - The Scottish Bard."

Hire a Bard!
Imagine if you will; sitting in a quiet pub (or even your own living room!) sipping a pint or a wee dram, as Oengus spins tales of the Scottish Highlands, tells stories of his travels, shares some of his unique folk tales, and sings songs of beautiful places and colorful characters!

Oengus is available to hire for any occasion; anniversaries, birthdays, Tartan Days, Burns' Suppers, anytime you need a Scottish bard to perform for your guests or just to liven up the party! HIRE ME NOW!

If you would like Oengus to perform for you, your festival, your group or event, please email: or call 317-835-9321 or contact me here.